World Christian Database

WCD Citations in 2017

Recent citations of the World Christian Database include many articles focussing on the Reformation including in-depth essays on Luther's legacy today in The Economist ("Protestantism shaped the development of the modern liberal West. What does its current revival mean for the developing world?") and in the Christian Science Monitor "Luther’s legacy- How people use the Bible today, 500 years after a monk sparked the Protestant Reformation".

Religious demographics from WCD are often key background information for understanding world events, for example in the Wall Street Journal 's article "Pope’s Support for Muslim Refugees Faces Resistance in Myanmar", or form the basis of more detailed analysis such as Pew Forum 's "Orthodox Christianity in the 21st Century".

Links to a range of citations back to 2012 can be seen at the Center for the Study of Global Christianty's media page

Meanwhile, the major data update this quarter sees the denominations listings in many countries further streamlined by consolidating hundreds of smaller denominations (sometimes with single congregations acting autonomously while looking for international expansion) into the 'other Independent' or 'other Protestant' denominaitons. The denominations are still named, but are seen as sub-denominations of those 'other' categories.