World Christian Database

People and Language

The World Christian Database holds information on over 13,000 people groups. These people groups are distinct ethno-linguistic peoples that are bonded together by race, tradition, history, and culture. A summary of the available fields are listed below.

People and Language

Peoples Data Field Summary:

Demographic (16 Fields)
Christianity (21 Fields)
Scriptures (48 Fields)
Religions (62 Fields)
Evangelism (28 Fields)
  • Evangelization
  • Worlds A B C
  • Ministries
  • Film & Broadcast

The World Christian Database utilises the World Language Classification, displaying a coded heirarchy of language data of over 33,000 dialects, languages or language clusters.

Language Data Field Summary:

Language identifiers (9 Fields)
Population (8 Fields)
Scripture resources (13 Fields)